PST Today……..!!!!

Thanks For Viewing: The news Follows:)

Breaking News: RajGopal claims himself to be an Item Number.

“First Fan Reaction”

If “RELIABLE” sources are to be believed, It has come to notice that, RajGopal wants 2 give a tight competition to Munni from Dabangg and Sheila From 30 Maar Khan. Is RajGopal Planning to make a movie? Anyways, We name as MOVIE MAKER RajGopaaal. His first project flopped badly, But get going Boss, You can be another RGV (RajGopal Verma LOL):-D

I will promote You Do movie. Publicity Guaranteed. V are watching.

It has also come to our Notice that Our Tomato Man (Mirror Editor) eats only costly vegetables(Onions) Except Tomato…Why? Mr. Tomato?

There are many Festivals and also there are many celebrations, Likewise it has been informed that, Our Akhil’s Client is going somewhere for some festival, Which is only for Grown-Up’s.

No Doubt, Why the client did not Invite you Salman:) heeeheheheheeeehehehe:-D Bade Hoja Bacche, Thumbs Up Piyo, Thunder taste Karo:-D

Reminder By Ghajini (Nirmal): Tomorrow is the last date to submit IT declaration forms. Remind All.

Paste it on your chest boss. We all remember, Oh, Might be you forget that you forget……. Aiyo Raama……………… Insert the above card In your head for now:-D

Coming Back To Salman the Great Again!!!!!!

As we told he doesn’t get what he wants, He still has not been successful in belling the CAT, He is going to give another try Sooooon:)

1st Time: Low Percentage

2nd time: Low Brain

3rd Time: Low Ink In pen

Hahahaha, Why all this Boss, Be like me, Am doing PHD in B.Sc:)

Golden spoon (Salman) got selected in Baba Jhimjhimwala college of Management for MBA congrats!!! Still you want to  opt CAT Exam? Be sensible:) Be satisfied with what u Get. Sikkid Seelunde Gopala:)

Babye for now……BAAAAAAAYe, Now say Cheeeeeeeeeeeeese



One response

  1. shashank

    OMG! Nitin,

    His face is like PINK balloon now.

    Is he Blushing?
    Is he Angry?
    Is he worried coz of low ink?

    Let me know the right answer…

    January 20, 2011 at 11:04 pm

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