Here there everywhere… But Who?- Do see through

History happened in Namma Bengaluru when one person did multiple roles.

Here they are. Its silly but still it speaks a lot.

SALMAN Express was Launched

No Doubt why Karnataka Politics has become like our task comprehension:-D…….

Wrong person is on the right place.

Moving forward, We have got a new China Set in our team, PST-III.

Her name is Cheeni cum SreeJaya (She is not sweet:-P). Now how the custom duties were cleared is a big question. Now sing, Cheeni Kum hey Cheeni Kum hey,ok ok Enuf….

Next, Mr. Yum(my) Santhosh is always found Happy on the floor. What’s the secret of your energy Boss?

Puli is learning a lot from our sleeping Buddha in is classes “The Art Of Sleeping”

Fresh reports says, Jestin Jose seems to be getting a lot of motivation from his boss, Red Hot. Hehehehehehehe:) woooooohohohohohoho heeeeeeeehehehehehehe:)

Dis-Claimer: Whatever we do is just for timepass.. Timepaaas Timepaaaas

If  you consider this seriously, well upto you…. Tata Babye…….



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