Officialee Up-Dated!!!!_Change Is just For Fun_Only At GetFriday:-P

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First Change was….?

Team Lead Changes… It was not so tough… One person came from there and one person went Somewhere….Hmmmm…???? Might be There:-P

Now the scene is as below. Click The PicOps Manager Ban na Koi Aam Baat Nai hey… What All V hav to do ..Phew…..

Then We should also show the Result…

Today Sibi was arrested by the PST division Police Sub_Inspector DILIP (Bijesh) and Interrogated at the Police Station (PST Quality Bay)

Its Ok Dude…..

Oh Yes, Sallu from PST has been renamed as Chunkey Pandey LOL:-P

Anyways.. that’s it…..

For more fun Read Vishak’s T-Shirt Quote but before that Click Here

Breaking News:

Venkat also arrested..:(

This Valentine’s Day the Special Police Sqaud (Quality) will judge you.

To Know more Click Here

Bye Bye… Gotta Behave Busy.. .:) Happy Valentines Week


One response

  1. Anjana

    The missing that person is definitely not here….search some where else…or do a Google search

    February 8, 2011 at 9:20 pm

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