Clikomania, Its all about clicking HERE:-P

Karam Karo, Don’t expect Phal, Means fruits.. ok????

We mean,  Give but don’t expect it back.

Eg: Cigarette

Once given, keep giving forever….:-)

It has come to the notice of many and has been frustrating to some to sit without having a Smoke

But it has become costly, People are using different tactics to borrow cigarettes

Example: Click Here

From a reliable source it has come to our notice that, Mahesa inorder to get incentives is using a new trick. Wanna know? Again Click HERE!!!!:)

SreeJaya has gone to attend a meeting conducted by Chunkey Pandey and her condition is like this

Our Editing, Oh Sorry, Recycling team has recycled one Mascot that will represent our frustrations.

To look at the Mascot and laugh: Please click

Sudesh was arrested today:-(

To see how… Hmmm Click….HERE


Now, Down to the bin, Re-cycle Bin:-D

Finally he landed in some foreign country virtually, I mean actually..:-P  Yappaaa!!!!!!!!

Wow!!!! Neenu suuuuuuperu sisya:-D

Now you are Paaaauperu maama:-D LOL

You guys comment on this please….

Nirmal Ki Jawaani…..He’s too_________?

Fill In the Blanks:)

Chunkey, You are with which Monkey????:-)

Threatening our Strong Avi huh….Hmmmm, We all will LOOK INTO IT:-D

Silpi, Good Going.. Careful huh… Back may pain….

all varu to oon Kazikyan…… Babye…:-D



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