Have A Picturesque Break!!!!!!!!

So the Catie Break Is All Over…Say Meow:)


And It’s another Quiet Wednesday!!!!!

Why Quiet?

PST, Please wake up……:-(

Sad Happenings of the day:

Salman Khan Escaped…..!!!!!!!! Why But Why?

Madhubala (Boj) left Alone… She misses the song, Tujhe dekh Ke meri MadhuBalaaa!!!! I mean Madhu’s tail:-D LOL

Vivek Oberoi (Sudesh) very happy, As Salman out of his Boundary…..

Sathish NR-PST is back because he knew is back… You are here to work dear……..:-)

Rakibul, The Buddha Of PST is meditating at the sight of PIVOTAL… Some enlightenment is expected.

Ex: Hair will grow soon:)

Feeling Sorry for our Ghajini (Nirmal) as Salman is next to him. Come On Aamir Khan, Aalll izzz wellll:-D

To get Tips for Salman eradication please visit: We Will Help

Ok, We will be back soon, Until then, Be Smart Be Yourself.

Taaata Baaabayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……….

We Are Back!!! Pea Yes Tea Back In Action

Message from the Author’s


Our Motto: We hear the Unheard, See the Unseen, Tell the Never Told and Write what was already Written:-) hehehehehe.

Recyclying” Is our Motto.

Dedicated to Our Mentor

Our Dear Mahesha: Ellaadaru Iru, Enthaadaru Iru, Endendigu Ni Mentor Aagiru……….

Our Leaders:



Tiger Of PST:) heheheh:)

From your Authorzzzzz.





Hogi Banni– Go and Come—Jaake Aao

Don’t Forget to Add Camments😀

And Salman Goes Key Searching!!!!!!!!!

According to Fresh Reports the search by SALMAN KHAN for his LOST KEYS of PST has been INTENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Task Planning: hehehehe It doesn’t suit you boy:)

Basic Research Begins: Oye, Thats Not Google Search Engine Boss….Hahahaha, Don’t Mess with Quality…….Stop Looking into it:-D


Finally???????????????????? Our Salman, Never gets what he wants:-D oh poor boy:) Put in the Right KEYWORDS  v say…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



The Lost Keys……..! But Who’s??????

Breaking News: Nitin’s (Salman Khan of PST ) bike key has been lost.

Plz Google it n find out.

Salman (Nee-thin Shar-maa) as usual has a serious suspicion on his near and dear rival……:-(

How can he Blame others for the Missing Keys????????

My Last post as Editor:

Hi Friends,

Its official,

I am out of GF. I finished my exit interview.
Sorry I couldn’t give treat to you guys. Personal financial crisis. Out of all the days in GF, the only disappointing day was when I saw “EMP NOT FOUND” when I used my access card. But life must go on. Hope things have changed for better. Atleast no targets.

Don’t trouble yourself by flagging your own email in outlook.
I know you will be missing you first crush at GF this week. Don’t worry she will back next week. Hope you are getting a hold on tasks from VR.

Take care man. Guide Sudesh also. Just give him motivation when required. His fear is his worst client.

Thanks for all the inputs. I will remember them for my lifetime. Great working with you. I managed to find Ubunto 🙂
Also change the password of pstcunningstunts. I am not supposed to know it.

$21000 is not too far. All the best. Please tell me whether I was in PST II or PST III.

All the best. I am not sure what else I can say you.

Give Sudesh a cigar when he needs one.

Hi Jiggy, its been quiet a while since I called you that way. Take care.

Its bad that we could meet on the last day. All the best. Money can go a long way. With proper analysis and design of solution it can go further. Hope you get it.

Please keep your cool when things don’t go your way. Take care.

Take care man.

Make the right decision when it is really required.

I don’t have much competition in TT in college. Please join our college na.

Best for last.
Thanks for hiring me. Had a great little Purple patch at GF. Thanks a lot.

Friends, Please use on the following link and give me your personal contact details.

Keep in touch guys (@Supreeth Please don’t misinterpret this).
All the best to everyone.
Special thanks to Irfan and Mahesh.

Harish Kumar V

Bye Irfu

Hi Irfan,

Message from our friends.

“No Training, No Coaching and No Catching – Poor Target. Irfan dont be sad. You will get a Chance.”

“Oh nothing much except wishing him good luck.”

“Maama is the best REA I have seen @getfriday.Me and my family (dadd, meenaakshi, venkatesshaa,….) will miss your presence very much.”

“Hi Irfan, work on your reverse swing. Don’t forget The genuine inswinger from your natural high left arm action is your strength. Meet Wasim. Improve on your consistency. Don’t bother about pace. No body cares. And fact is you cant bowl either.”

“Give us a biryani treat… And loads of Good luck (As much as your weight)”

“All the best” for his future ventures…….”

“Live free, Enjoy life, rem us every friday…..”

“jus say take care maama” – Boj

“And take care of Honey” – Harish