Clikomania, Its all about clicking HERE:-P

Karam Karo, Don’t expect Phal, Means fruits.. ok????

We mean,  Give but don’t expect it back.

Eg: Cigarette

Once given, keep giving forever….:-)

It has come to the notice of many and has been frustrating to some to sit without having a Smoke

But it has become costly, People are using different tactics to borrow cigarettes

Example: Click Here

From a reliable source it has come to our notice that, Mahesa inorder to get incentives is using a new trick. Wanna know? Again Click HERE!!!!:)

SreeJaya has gone to attend a meeting conducted by Chunkey Pandey and her condition is like this

Our Editing, Oh Sorry, Recycling team has recycled one Mascot that will represent our frustrations.

To look at the Mascot and laugh: Please click

Sudesh was arrested today:-(

To see how… Hmmm Click….HERE


Now, Down to the bin, Re-cycle Bin:-D

Finally he landed in some foreign country virtually, I mean actually..:-P  Yappaaa!!!!!!!!

Wow!!!! Neenu suuuuuuperu sisya:-D

Now you are Paaaauperu maama:-D LOL

You guys comment on this please….

Nirmal Ki Jawaani…..He’s too_________?

Fill In the Blanks:)

Chunkey, You are with which Monkey????:-)

Threatening our Strong Avi huh….Hmmmm, We all will LOOK INTO IT:-D

Silpi, Good Going.. Careful huh… Back may pain….

all varu to oon Kazikyan…… Babye…:-D



Pictorials Today!!!!!

Kumbilkai Cat (Pumpkin Cat)


To work anywhere in the world, You need to be extremely FLEXIBLE:

Else you land up in the Dustbin.

Few days back our famous Bojamma had sent a multicast IP msg saying, “I am Mad”

It Time V Ask her:

We always say, Love had its true value in the older days: Is it so?

How is the Below Picture?

Now Say:

Fine Then, Babye……

Thanks For Viewing

Officialee Up-Dated!!!!_Change Is just For Fun_Only At GetFriday:-P

Note: Click on All Links

First Change was….?

Team Lead Changes… It was not so tough… One person came from there and one person went Somewhere….Hmmmm…???? Might be There:-P

Now the scene is as below. Click The PicOps Manager Ban na Koi Aam Baat Nai hey… What All V hav to do ..Phew…..

Then We should also show the Result…

Today Sibi was arrested by the PST division Police Sub_Inspector DILIP (Bijesh) and Interrogated at the Police Station (PST Quality Bay)

Its Ok Dude…..

Oh Yes, Sallu from PST has been renamed as Chunkey Pandey LOL:-P

Anyways.. that’s it…..

For more fun Read Vishak’s T-Shirt Quote but before that Click Here

Breaking News:

Venkat also arrested..:(

This Valentine’s Day the Special Police Sqaud (Quality) will judge you.

To Know more Click Here

Bye Bye… Gotta Behave Busy.. .:) Happy Valentines Week

Life Heegene!!!!!!!

We thought what to say…. But…..

V think this is our age to get Trained:)


Its Story Time!!! After A long Time

Once lived a dog named ‘Pug’… Popularly Known as Hutch dog.

His life was so happy when he was a kid……


He grew up…
One fine day he got a job in a company..

He was asked to follow a small boy where ever he goes…..

He became so famous
that…..He was seen everywhere…. on websites….

Roadside hoarding… desktop… etc…

One fine day…

A new company takes over the old….

Pug is panicked.. in a nail biting situation!!!!

It’s been decided…
Pug was sent off… Now he is jobless…

New concept adopted…here comes zoo zoo….

The End

Moral: Never love your company, love your job, you never know when your company stops loving you.

Company needs professionals. Be professional.

Give a thought to this… LION’S WORD…

Live as if you were to die tomorrow… Learn as if you were to live forever…

Live Life KING Size, It’s Six Bucks Now.. That’s ok:)

Here there everywhere… But Who?- Do see through

History happened in Namma Bengaluru when one person did multiple roles.

Here they are. Its silly but still it speaks a lot.

SALMAN Express was Launched

No Doubt why Karnataka Politics has become like our task comprehension:-D…….

Wrong person is on the right place.

Moving forward, We have got a new China Set in our team, PST-III.

Her name is Cheeni cum SreeJaya (She is not sweet:-P). Now how the custom duties were cleared is a big question. Now sing, Cheeni Kum hey Cheeni Kum hey,ok ok Enuf….

Next, Mr. Yum(my) Santhosh is always found Happy on the floor. What’s the secret of your energy Boss?

Puli is learning a lot from our sleeping Buddha in is classes “The Art Of Sleeping”

Fresh reports says, Jestin Jose seems to be getting a lot of motivation from his boss, Red Hot. Hehehehehehehe:) woooooohohohohohoho heeeeeeeehehehehehehe:)

Dis-Claimer: Whatever we do is just for timepass.. Timepaaas Timepaaaas

If  you consider this seriously, well upto you…. Tata Babye…….


PST Today……..!!!!

Thanks For Viewing: The news Follows:)

Breaking News: RajGopal claims himself to be an Item Number.

“First Fan Reaction”

If “RELIABLE” sources are to be believed, It has come to notice that, RajGopal wants 2 give a tight competition to Munni from Dabangg and Sheila From 30 Maar Khan. Is RajGopal Planning to make a movie? Anyways, We name as MOVIE MAKER RajGopaaal. His first project flopped badly, But get going Boss, You can be another RGV (RajGopal Verma LOL):-D

I will promote You Do movie. Publicity Guaranteed. V are watching.

It has also come to our Notice that Our Tomato Man (Mirror Editor) eats only costly vegetables(Onions) Except Tomato…Why? Mr. Tomato?

There are many Festivals and also there are many celebrations, Likewise it has been informed that, Our Akhil’s Client is going somewhere for some festival, Which is only for Grown-Up’s.

No Doubt, Why the client did not Invite you Salman:) heeeheheheheeeehehehe:-D Bade Hoja Bacche, Thumbs Up Piyo, Thunder taste Karo:-D

Reminder By Ghajini (Nirmal): Tomorrow is the last date to submit IT declaration forms. Remind All.

Paste it on your chest boss. We all remember, Oh, Might be you forget that you forget……. Aiyo Raama……………… Insert the above card In your head for now:-D

Coming Back To Salman the Great Again!!!!!!

As we told he doesn’t get what he wants, He still has not been successful in belling the CAT, He is going to give another try Sooooon:)

1st Time: Low Percentage

2nd time: Low Brain

3rd Time: Low Ink In pen

Hahahaha, Why all this Boss, Be like me, Am doing PHD in B.Sc:)

Golden spoon (Salman) got selected in Baba Jhimjhimwala college of Management for MBA congrats!!! Still you want to  opt CAT Exam? Be sensible:) Be satisfied with what u Get. Sikkid Seelunde Gopala:)

Babye for now……BAAAAAAAYe, Now say Cheeeeeeeeeeeeese